Meet Rebecca Jo

Conscious Movement Artist and Breath Guide

Inspired by the rhythms of the natural world, Rebecca Jo guides her students into their own innate patterning through practices of breath awareness, supportive movement and meditation.  Within each class she emphasizes the need to slow down and create a space for oneself that is both comforting and sacred.       


Rebecca earned her 200hr yoga certification in 2009 while living on a self-sustained farm in the mountains of Spain.  She began her teaching practice in New York City, working privately with individuals recovering from injury; supporting them in finding acceptance and peace within their bodies as they redeveloped their physical strength and range of motion. Her practice is informed by the teachings of Abbie Galvin + Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga®, Tom Myers, Peter Levine, Tias Little, Ana Forrest and BKS Iyengar among others. 

Trained in the arts of dance, photography, and breath-centered movement she incorporates a lifetime of lessons into each class and encourages her students to integrate practices of conscious flow into daily life.

A life long traveler and eternal student, she seeks opportunities to immerse herself in new experiences and discover different ways of seeing the world.  She has led retreats and workshops in Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco, Portugal, NYC, LA and Denver. 


photo by Pedro Lollet

Personalized Practice

learn in a way that is useful for you

Shake off tension and open to the natural flow of life. Experience a practice in presence;  each movement tells the story of a pattern, and shows us how we respond to the challenges the world offers. Learn practical and accessible tools and techniques to connect your mind, body and breath in a way that cultivates joy within your daily life.  Exploring inside and around, we will observe the rhythms that carry us, taking everything in with kindness, compassion and a bit of humor.



a season for stillness

There is a time to work, a time to play, and a time for rest, reflection and renewal.  Just as Nature moves through her seasons, we experience life in phases of active growth, pregnant pause, necessary decline and yes, even emptiness.   

DORMANT is the first in a series of month long explorations of the cycles of our own personal growth, the stages of creative development and the practice of honoring the season we are in.   

The material within Dormant is dedicated to supporting the individual in developing sustainable daily practices of stillness and steadiness in order to build a container for introspection, emotional processing, and personal acceptance.  



movement + breath meditation

Due to COVID, I am currently only offering private online Zoom classes for individuals and small groups.  

Working one on one or in small, dedicated groups allows us deeper access to your unique individual patterning in a private judgment free setting.  Expect to be challenged, but supported while being guided toward your ultimate destination - a joy filled life.  Private sessions are 60 minutes and include breath exercises, movement practices, and guided meditation.


Packages are available to meet your needs. 

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A Retreat 

Playa Viva, Mexico



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Rebecca Jo has been the cornerstone in my practice. I came to yoga as a beginner almost two years ago struggling with life’s curveballs, sports injuries and trauma. Her passion and kindness combined with a depth of teaching knowledge has allowed me to connect with all the benefits of yoga that feed my mind body and soul. She also has a unique ability to allow students to make the class there own while also being an amazing guide providing individual adjustments to students of different levels, offering uplifting words of encouragement, and allowing room to play.

— Chris Young, Denver, CO

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