Personal Practice + Private Lessons

online mentorship for movement teachers

January 23 - February 27, 2021

saturdays on zoom 2 - 5 pm CT

I taught my first group yoga class in ​September 2009 at a little studio in lower Manhattan called Sal Anthony's Movement Salon.  Two months had gone by since I returned home from a 200 hour intensive summer training in the mountains of Spain.  Not only did I feel unprepared, I genuinely didn't think I wanted to teach.  Never in my life has speaking in front a group of people been high on my list of favorite activities, and yet there I was.  

A persistent friend convinced me to offer a free class on Sunday evenings.  As does almost any free offering in NYC, that class gained popularity quickly.  Within weeks of my first class, I had a packed house.  There I was, standing in front of 30+ strangers, trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about.  An actual recurring nightmare.   But you know what? I kind of loved it.

A few months into teaching a woman approached me after class.  Her brother was a chiropractor, she said, and he needed a teacher to refer clients for private therapeutic yoga sessions.  Did I do this sort of thing, she asked? Of course, I said!


But the reality was, up until that point, I had not.

Why did she think I, a brand new teacher, would be a good fit for working with people in a process of healing?  More importantly, where did I get the confidence to say yes knowing I had never done anything like that before?  

Where I lacked 1000s of hours in training and teaching expertise at the time, I made up for in personal experience.  My own story includes multiple tales of injury and trauma.   I had spent all of those hours tending to my own wounds with the support of my yoga practice, acupuncture, my teachers and a LOT of self inquiry.  The truth was, despite self doubt telling me otherwise, I did know what I was talking about, because I was teaching from experience.  

I recognized the ways in which I would have liked to have been held during those times of healing and growth, and attempted to offer that to the people who sought my support.  I called on my 20 + years of movement modalities, my personal fascination with human psychology, and my art education to find ways of. seeing, hearing and supporting everyone that came 

Working privately with my students has since been my bread and butter. It has not only helped sustain my business financially for over a decade, but has given me a depth of understanding that would not have been available to me had I continued to only teach group classes.  It has also demanded that I pay more attention to my own self care practices and that I work consistently on establishing clear communication and setting healthy boundaries.    

I learned invaluable lessons through years of trial and error, and now have countless hours of training and hands-on experience to feel confident in my offerings, but it is still my personal practice and commitment to myself that enables me to be available for my students.




What will you get?

  • Deepen your own personal practice

    • each 3 hour Saturday session will begin with a 60 minute group practice ​

  • Gain comfort and confidence in working one on one with your students/clients.  During this six week mentorship we will focus on:

    • Creating and Maintaining Personal and Professional Boundaries

    • Identifying Your Role as a teacher

    • Seeing without judgment - Reading bodies

    • Reframing - guiding verbal + hands on adjustmentst

    • Trauma Support/Holding Space 

    • Personal Insight​ Development​

  • Slack group and private communication throughout duration of course - seek guidance whenever you need, share ideas and inspiration for classes and build supportive professional relationships with your fellow teachers 

  • Discounted private lessons. Throughout the duration of the mentorship I will be offering private one hour sessions for only $50.  This time can focus on your own personal practice or as a private mentorship session.


Who is this for?