Donation based Movement + Breath Class

Saturday July 11, 2020

9 am MT/11am EST on Zoom

This week we're gathering via Zoom to raise money for the Black Hills Legal Defense Fund.  Ease into your weekend with accessible movement and breath exercises to help you build resiliency for the revolution.  Self care so we can keep going.


Donate whatever you have to give directly to the organization and sign up through the link.  

About the BH Legal Fund (from their site):

On July 3rd, 2020 Indigenous People and our allies were arrested in the process of defending our sacred lands in the Black Hills. Acts of courage and civil disobedience resulted in arrests and criminal charges. We were protesting the desecration of sacred lands that were stolen from our people. Mt. Rushmore was stolen from the Lakota people in our treaties and human rights violated. This stolen land was taken from us and then the faces of four former US Presidents were carved into the mountain. These US presidents were colonizers that committed acts of genocide against Indigenous and BIPOC people throughout Turtle Island. Mt. Rushmore was carved by Borglum, a member of the Klu Kluxx Klan. As it stands today Mt. Rushmore is a national symbol of White Supremacy and systematic racism. As a group of Indigenous people and our allies we made a stand against Donald Trump the President of the United States who made a decision to come to Oceti Sakowin Territory without the free prior and informed consent of the Tribal Nations of the region. The President was attempting a comeback tour of rural America and he wanted to put on a show of fireworks at Mt. Rushmore as part of the Fourth of July.

At a time of social and racial reckoning in this country Trump has perpetuated a White Supremacist narrative that has further divided the country. As a group of Indigenous People and our allies we are committed to the dismantling of White Supremacy and systemic racism in this country.

photo: Stephen Groves/AP

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