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There is a time to work, a time to play, and a time for rest, reflection and renewal.  Just as Nature moves through her seasons, we experience life in phases of active growth, pregnant pause, necessary decline and yes, even emptiness.   

To be dormant is to exist within a state of suspended animation; it is a time of energy conservation and stillness.  During periods of dormancy, seeds beneath the earth hold all of the potential required for the next season of growth.  

The material within Dormant is dedicated to supporting the individual in developing sustainable daily practices of stillness and steadiness in order to build a container for introspection, emotional processing, and personal acceptance.  

This program is designed to be a flexible, but interactive learning experience.  With unlimited access to recorded classes, you can participate and practice according to your schedule. 

This series serves as a framework for developing daily sustainable habits that will carry you through your own seasons of dormancy. 

Program Includes:


Unlimited access to 10+ hours of recorded home practice for you to play (and replay!) at your convenience,

delivered to your inbox every Sunday morning for a month

4 Katonah Yoga® Grounding Practices

4 Adaptive/Restorative Practices w/ prop variations

4 Pranayama Breath Practices

INTRO to THEORY of Katonah Yoga® Magic Square, Chinese 5 Phases, Taoism, and more..

Mobility + Joint Release Techniques

4 weeks of journal guidance

Sliding Scale Pricing

The sliding scale pricing system is set up as a means of mutual community support.  There are no requirements or restrictions to the cost you choose; it is based on individual access and your own personal sense of value.  No questions will be asked about your decision and no one will be treated differently for paying more or less.



(for anyone that needs a little break)


 (the actual cost of the course)




(overflow will go toward Scholarship spaces)