Behold + Be held.

as the nights grow longer and the temperature begins to drop, we are given an opportunity to slow down our outward movement and take a pause.  consider this phase of the year, the equinox and the harvest, as a time for an internal inventory check.  ask yourself, what information have I gathered within my mind and body over the last months?  how has the work I have put into my own personal evolution guided me to this moment in time?  how can I continue to cultivate growth and harmony within my inner world?  breath, pause.  see what comes up. write it down. 

reflecting on the year so far, it may all feel a little overwhelming.  many are struggling to say the least.  know that you are not alone.  this is a good time for us all to admit that we might need a little bit of help.  find a friendly ear that will listen without judgment and be willing to be vulnerable.   let go of the stories of why not and shouldn't and just connect.. with yourself, your community, and the natural world.  develop a healthy relationship between your inner and outer lives by opening yourself to human touch, moving your body with steady awareness, and reshaping the way you view the material manifestations of your time and energy.   

we can look to nature for guidance, beholding the beauty and abundance the Earth is offering during this season of harvest, and in doing so give ourselves permission to celebrate the fruits of our own labor.  acknowledge all that you have brought into the world over the course of the year, as well as extending gratitude for all that has been given to you.  accept what life has offered, and find the lesson in it.  look at all that comes into your awareness with kind eyes and through a lens of compassion.  

if the mind stuff becomes too much, you can turn to the support of your spirit, flesh and breath.  and when your body feels weary, know that you always have the Earth to fall into.  allow yourself to be held at this time.  in doing so, you gain the strength to offer your hand to another. 

Belly to Earth Meditation + Breath Work:

 lie face down, with hips supported by a bolster, pillow, or folded blanket and a rolled towel or blanket underneath your ankles.  rest your head in a comfortable position. become aware of the feeling of dropping your weight into the ground and being supported by the floor and props.  begin to notice the natural flow of your breath, and the temperature of the air.  allow your belly to soften and release into the support of the earth. invite your breath into the back of your lungs by expanding your ribs up and widening across your midback.  simply notice how this feels.  without forcing the breath, continue to find a smooth rythm, equalizing your inhales and exhales. stay for as long as time allows, and then press back into child's pose. again, remain here to your comfort before rising up to sit again.        

modification 1:  if you are not comfortable resting face down, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  place one hand over your heart, and the other over your abdomen to bring a similar awareness into softening these spaces.  fold a blanket under under hips for support.  follow the same pattern of breath, allowing the lungs and ribs to descend down into the floor with your inhale.  

modification 2: for soon to be mamas and anyone else not able to lie flat on the belly or back, support your spine by stacking pillows at a declining angle over blocks.  extend your legs and place a blanket over your hips to help ground your energy.  

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