Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I’ve missed so many calls in my life.  Quite literally as my phone is perpetually in Do Not Disturb mode, but also in the sense that I’ve made myself unavailable to respond.

You can’t answer a call unless you hear it and you won’t hear it, until you’re ready to listen.

Looking back, it seems my most pivotal decisions have been made within moments of an opportunity calling, not out of impulse, but because I was present and available. They were choices that I didn’t need to think about, because at those times I was clear about who I was, what I needed, and where I wanted to be. 

While seemingly spontaneous, these definitive moments were made possible because of countless hours spent listening, watching and waiting.  I was ready to receive the call. I knew the answer before the question was asked. 

It hasn’t always happened that way.  I get busy and messy, my mind chaotic with noise.  In these times, making a decision for myself seems impossible.  Often, it feels like choices aren’t mine to make.  But they are.

We choose where we place value and importance, and how we prioritize the facets of our lives.  It is up to us to decide who or what holds our gaze, how we utilize the time we’ve been allotted and occupy the space we’re in.   

Where our attention goes, our lives develop and expand.  We create patterns of creation and destruction in and around us. It is there, where we meet our potential.  It is exactly there that we stand in our own way. 

I've found that whether in times of stagnation or turbulent change, the medicine is always the same. A little bit of time and space can be life altering on almost every occasion.  We all need time for ourselves and space to just exist, to breathe fresh air, to feel our feet on the ground, to listen to the call of the wind, and to wait for the answers coming from within. 


Find a little time in your day to be in a quiet space and explore the transformative power of your own resonance.  

The practice of buzzing breath, or bhramari, uses the simple technique of humming, and works with the vibration of your own vocal range to shift your energetic field.


Choose a silent location where you feel comfortable making a little bit of noise.  Set 2 gentle alarms for 3 and 5 minutes. Sit with an erect spine, or lie on your back with your knees bent.  Relax your gaze or close your eyes.  

Expand your abdomen to draw breath in through the nose, and with your exhale begin to hum. Continue to create a buzzing sound until you run out of breath, breath in, and then continue the sound. Play with the tone of your humming, moving your awareness up and down your body as elevate and deepen the sound.  

After a few breaths, try placing your thumbs in your ears and cover your eyes with your fingers.   At the sound of your first alarm rest your hands, sit in silence and observe.  Scan your attention from the top of your head to your feet, and back up again.  

What do you hear?

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