Steady in the Wind

Stepping into spring has always reminded me of the first days as the new kid in school, half filled with excited anticipation for whatever this experience will offer and half ridden with belly turning anxiety from over stimulating my senses.

We have entered in the season of newness, and with that comes a heightened energy that is charged by every flower shining its face through the concrete. With each passing morning, the sun calls a little brighter through the window, beaconing us to come out of hibernation and lose ourselves to the spirit of play.

But, the flowering of nature also brings sensitivity, feverish behavior… allergies, strong winds and heavy rains. Reactions are high during this time of year, so as our bodies transition from the stillness of winter it is important that time be taken to check in with how we are internally responding to the outside world’s new burst of life so that we do become overwhelmed.

Spring is a beautiful time to incorporate practices of meditation and mindfulness into daily activity. As you stroll down blooming sidewalks, try a walking meditation. Slow down your movement, tuning in to the rhythm of your breath and how your feet touch the ground. Keeping your gaze soft, take in everything you see and hear along the way, observing how your physical body shifts in accordance with the stimulation of your environment.

Take time to sit or stand in stillness everyday, as close to the Earth as you are able, and allow yourself to find steadiness as the wind moves around.

Practice bringing awareness to your breath in conversations, slowing it down to allow space to feel how information effects you so that you may respond with compassion instead of reacting out of fear.

As a teacher I am most qualified to speak of my own experience, the voice of my own recognition, so as I write this to you I also quietly remind myself as well, because ultimately we are all mirrors of each other. So I say to us both, embrace the playfulness of spring and allow the sun to warm your skin, but remember yourself in this transition and take time to be still amidst the movement.

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